Tuscany villas in the country

The Tuscan countryside is without a doubt one of the most fascinating places in the world. I do not testify simply many tourists year after year in the wake of films or novels decide to spend their holidays here, but l ` UNESCO, which, among other things, has entered the Val d `Orcia among the world heritage Entries humanity .

Tuscany villas in the country

Today many of the farmhouses that were once the homes of the farmers and their families have been finely restored and turned into homes or apartments that we rent for our holiday in Tuscany villas.

  • In these structures, equipped with every comfort modern but still having their own style, we are staying for a week or more to teach `the privacy of relaxation and contact with nature.

  • The owners of holiday villas in Tuscany , after welcoming us, so always be available to us for information and advice, but let us (unlike what happens in a hotel or some farm) complete autonomy in organizing the schedule of `our days.

  • For most of the >Tuscan farmhouses and of the tuscany villas are surrounded by extensive green spaces where we can cook a delicious barbecue-based T-bone steaks and ribs, playing football with friends or children, have fun with our four-legged companions (many facilities accept them) and, if summer, sunbathing … maybe on the edge of a swimming pool.

Not to mention that if you want to make a trip out of town is easy by most of the farmhouses available to tourists in Tuscany to reach Florence, Siena, Arezzo and other cities of art.